Installing and refering a plugin or bundle

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Hi guys

After creating and uploading a plugin or a bundle, how do I:

  1. Install it on my deployment? I cant see it in the list of plugins - is it automatically installed if it is a bundle after a restart?
  2. How do I refer the content of the bundle i NEST e.g. for the HyphenationPatternsPath?

Also - is that a bundle or a plugin if I need to specify a HyphenationPatterns file

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can you be a little bit more verbose what you are referring to here as a bundle? Is this something in your client application or are you referring to plugins as part of Elasticsearch? Is this a special progamming language you are talking about, as you are referring to next? A little bit more context and a taking a step back would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



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Hi Alex

Sure :slight_smile:

I want to use the elastic cloud platform but i also need to refer to a file for hyphenations patterns when I create my index. In my on premise solution that is no problem, I just put the XML file in my elastic folder. But I can't upload files to my elastic cloud server without using either bundles or plugins (

So my question is - how do i refer to a file within a bundle or plugin and how do I make sure that the bundle is available for my deployment?

Please see this screenshot:

Thanks in advance
Best Regards

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