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I would like to test/use X-Pack on our Elastic cluster, but the plugin page says "Uploading plugins is only available with a premium subscription." Our account manager says it can be done using this Discuss forum?

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If you meant using X-Pack on cloud.elastic.co, you don't have to install anything. It's already there OOTB. :slight_smile:


That's what I understood, yes. But on the plugin page I see "Uploading plugins is only available with a premium subscription."

So how can I start using it then?

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Which plugin do you want to upload? X-Pack?
You don't have to. It's already there. So just call GET _xpack/watcher/stats on your cluster and you will see for example watcher stats.

Make sense?


Ehm, not really. In Sense (Kibana) we get this response:

"error": {
"root_cause": [
"type": "security_exception",
"reason": "action [indices:data/read/get] is unauthorized for user [kibana4]"
"type": "security_exception",
"reason": "action [indices:data/read/get] is unauthorized for user [kibana4]"
"status": 403

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If you are getting a security exception, it proves that Shield or XPack is installed.

As you are mentioning Sense do you run an "old" version of elastic stack? Like before 5.0?
In that case, you have to choose which plugin you want to install:

With 5.0, it's already set.

If you have problems using your cloud instance, please create another thread in #cloud list.


Ah, thanks. Found it ( I think). And we'll have a look at updating our cluster also soon.

Thanks for your support!

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