Interactive Property/Region boundaries with respect to labels on left side of the map and vice-versa

Hi Kibana Team,

Here is our requirement :

Showing all the multiple properties with boundaries in the map and respective names in left side panel of the map.

Required User Interactions

  1. On clicking on any property/boundary, will highlight itself and also respective name label in left side panel list.
  2. On clicking on the name label in left side panel, will highlight itself and also respective property in the map.

Please let us know, can we achieve this in Kibana. if Possible, Please guide us to achieve this.

I'm afraid there's no direct way to have your requirement. At this moment Kibana Dashboards need to have explicit filters so the closest set up I could arrange is something like this:

Peek 2020-09-14 15-56

(video with better quality on imgur)

These were the steps I did:

  • Create a saved search for the document list on the left
  • Put it on a dashboard with a map on the right
  • The map has:
    • One layer that serves as a background, with the global filter disabled
    • Another layer above in orange that will be filtered by dashboard controls and only visible between zoom levels 17 and 24.

On the clip, I use the Map rectangle filter to reduce the table on the left from the million records to just a few dozens being filtered. You can also filter from the table for a single lot identifier, or using the filter available in the map tooltip.

Your user needs to understand how Kibana applies filters to the data you see on both the table and the map. Not exactly what I think you are expecting but pretty close.

Let me know what you think.

BTW, we have a request to have a way to quickly create or update a filter on a dashboard based on the current map view that fits very well on this case, feel free to contribute any comments or feedback, it would be super helpful.

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