Interested to contribute to Packetbeat protocols

I am Manthan Sharma, final year undergrad from LNMIIT, Jaipur and currently working at SOROCO, India as Site Reliability Engineer.

I have a good experience of Go, and knowledge of network and communication protocol.

I have set up my development environment and currently, I'm familiarizing myself with the code and looking at merge request( to understand the requirement of the new protocol features.

I would like to know if my full-time internship at SOROCO will not be a problem for the community, as I move forward with GSOC Project.

For starting with developing packetbeat protocols have a look at the code generator providing you the basic layout/boilerplate required for new protocols. The cassandra protocol implementation is the only one using the generator in full so far.

Some protocols might be a little more tricky. E.g. parsing kafka responses do depend on knowing the request. This (work in progress) PR adds kafka support.

We have some more ideas for packetbeat, not just adding new protocols. You can follow project proposals on We will add some more packetbeat related the next days.

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You are expected to work full-time on GSoC from May 14 to August 14. If you have a full-time internship somewhere else at the same time, this will not work out unfortunately.

@xeraa Hey, I understand your concern regarding my time contribution to the community during GSoC period. As I checked in GSoC FAQ, They have asked 30+ hours of working contribution in a week, which I can cover easily by giving 3-4hrs. on weekdays(Mon-Fri) and on weekends I can work around 6-8 hrs. easily. If you guys think this is sufficient time to complete the GSoC project. Please consider my request.

@montem I don't think this is something we want to do. We want people to work reasonable hours and be able to do their best work. Planning for a 70+ hour work week doesn't sound like that. I've seen GSoC projects fail because of similar reasons and it's a waste for both you and us.

@xeraa Ok, I think you have a reasonable doubt regarding the working hours, but I just want you to know, I am doing the same for last 1 year working 70+ hrs. a week.

I don't think this will affect my case in any way. So, I will rest my case here but will love to be part of this community.


@montem thanks for understanding! It's a model we don't want to encourage.

But of course we are welcoming all community contributions and are happy to help with that :hugs: