Investigating tools - seeking suggestions


Could forum members kindly help with the choice of an optimal tool-set?

  1. Load a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and CSV files (preferably on the server side), combine the columns, parse and display the results of a query on the user's browser in an interactive html5 grid or similar?
    I have looked at Logagent (lighter) and Logstash (heavy) for the backend (with some sort of batch ingestion), and Kibana for the front-end, but not sure if they are the right tools.

  2. Display the data using Kibana on a portal (could be angular etc.) such that only those rows to be displayed which the user is allowed to see?


Hi Yaj,

I have a couple of suggestions;

For loading Excel data into Elasticsearch there are some suggestions here (I haven't tried them);

For showing only the rows which a user is allowed to see, you could use Document Level Security which is available in the Platinum license of X-Pack. Other than using that, I think you'll be writing a custom application.


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