Is it possible to configure 2 Elastic Search Instances and Kibana instance in single machine

Is it possible to create 2 elastic search instances and one Kibana instance in a single server with below server configuration?

• 56 GB RAM
• 64 Bit
• 8 vCPUs
• Windows Server 2016 Data Center

Please refer some docs to configure one or more instances in single server.


Why would you like to have 2 elasticsearch nodes on the same machine?

We are planning to integrate Elastic Search and Kibana with our UiPath tool, So we need to know the possibilities to configure Production and Development instances(2 Elastic Search Instances) with One Kibana instance in same machine.

So that we can reduce infrastructure costs by increasing resources for single VM.

The easiest way to achieve that would be to use docker containers, i believe.

If you want to use multiple instances without containers then you need to create a service unit file for each instance with its own config + data path

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