Is it possible to display field name and filed value in markdown in kibana4?

Is it possible to display field name and filed value in markdown in kibana4?

I want to display field name and field value in markdown.

For Example

Filed name is Category

Filed values are aaa,bbb,ccc

I want to display this details in markdown as


Is it possible?Can anyone tell me?

There is no way to integrate results of an aggregation into the markdown widget. For what you're trying to do, it might make sense to use a Data Table instead, where visualizing a field, such as "category" by Terms is trivial.

Thank you Tanya.

Actually i want to push xml contents in elasticsearch.

For Example:

Tomcat,IIS mysql

Here i will parse production and db as field.
Tomcat,IIS as values for production

mysql as values for db.

so in markdown

it should come like this



if i click tomcat in markdown it should go to tomcat dashboard
if i click mysql in markdown it should go to mysql dashboard.

is it possible?

What i want is dynamically i want to display filed and field values in markdown,if i click field values it should point out that value related dashboard.

if it is not possible in markdown,can anyone suggest me some other ideas for the above senario?

Got it. From your description this should be possible. Since each dashboard is referencible by a link, just follow the format for creating links in this markdown guide:

Thank you tanya.

In my above post i have mentioned Tomcat IIS.instead of Tomcat IIS ,Some other server will also come.

I want to generate link dynamically

if field value is tomcat , the dynamic link should be tomcat

if field value is mysql,the dynamic link should be mysql

The general format should be like this [fieldvalue](link to the appropriate dashboard for example /#/dashboard/fieldvalue)in markdown

I see. There is no way to generate markdown dynamically at this time.

Thank you .Can you tell me is it possible in someother way to implement this ?

There are only two approaches I can think of:

  1. A static markdown widget that you have to modify every time you add a dashboard
  2. A Data Table, with a Terms aggregation and a URL field formatter (assuming Kibana 4.1)