Is it possible to enable HTTPs only between the browser and kibana?


I have a set up where an app developed via flask places the logs onto a Elasticsearch server the ingests and visualizes the logs .

I want to know if i could enable HTTP only between the browser and kibana and not between any of the other components like between kibana and Elasticsearch ?

I have not tried only securing kibana and web browser, i tried securing all communications and it worked as expected, it should be pretty straightforward securing the communication between browser and kibana.

please refer: encrypt kibana browser.

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You can use nginx reverse proxy

kibana <-http-> nginx <-https-> browser

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It's not clear why you would want to do this?

currently our singlenode set up is on http . just wanted to know if enabling https is a requirement across stack or if we could have it on components only such as between kibana and browser

It's all or nothing.

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