Is it possible to include the Anomaly Explorer screenshot in the watcher sent email

I have been playing with Anomaly Explorer jobs and it is very exciting to receive the emails from the job when something out of ordinary is detected.
I took feedback from the potential users and they all said it will be nice to include the explorer screen in the mail rather than just putting a link. In other words, how can I make the email contain all the charts and so on.

This is the stock email I get and I want to improve it by including the charts and the severity charts and all that the user will see after clicking the link.

Elastic Stack Machine Learning Alert

Job : live_data
Time : 2020-03-10T01:45:00.000Z
Anomaly score : 95

Click here to open in Anomaly Explorer.

Top records:
max(Result.Value) AbcCalc [99]
max(Result.Value) ResTValue [99]
max(Result.Value) ProjValue [99]

Unfortunately, this capability is not possible in any kind of alert, not just those based on ML.

It is a great idea, can I encourage you to submit a feature requests here:

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