Is it possible to link from bar graph in kibana directly into actual record

If one has bar graph, and you mouse over you can see how many records are in that bar, and few fields that reflect what the graph is based on; Let say it shows 5 record count on that mouse over; Is it possible to (somehow) click or link that bar so that those 5 records are shown - similar to Discover mode scrolling list so actual data fields could be shown?


hi zoplex,

I don't think there's a way in a single step. But try this;

  1. Click the bar you're interested in. That should create a filter right under the search bar.
  2. Mouse-over that filter and click the pin to "pin" the filter.
  3. Click on Discover tab. Now that filter is applied and you should only see the 5 docs you were interested in from your bar chart.


Thank you Lee - yes that was also something I was looking at - in essence that is the fairly good approach - I think end user is looking for more 'direct' connection - almost a mouse over type - but I agree this is quite close to that.

Thank you

.. the problem is that filters and functions used to create the graph in the first place do not carry over into the Pin-ed filter; For example, I created the bar graph that lists maximum slow query time from MySQL server slow query log files, and split it by host in split graph mode. I see the spike in the slow query time - the max record spiked to say 55 seconds on one host; I click on the bar (since I need to see exact query text), get the filter on the top - but it will only have host name and the time stamp range for that bar - but the max function that is built into the graph is gone - so now if I go to Discover - the pinned filter gets me all the records from that server, without focusing only on that one that I clicked on - since the "max slow_query_time" is gone from the filter Pinned filter - seems that clicking on the bar simply does not add all the filters that are used to build the graph.

or I am missing a step?

Yes, I guess that's correct. You pinned the filter but you were looking at a specific "max" aggregation and it wouldn't make sense for the filter to include that while on the visualization.

If you can come up with a clear enhancement for this it would be great if you would create an issue on Maybe a right-click menu on the bar of the chart to "open docs"?

On a Date Histogram chart that I'm looking at, when I click on a bar it resets the time picker to that more granular range. Eventually I get to the point where each bar represents a count of just 1. Then I can hide the chart with the ^ arrow and see a data table. But that doesn't give me the links to the actual docs (maybe it could).


Yes the right click would be great - will do that. Thanks!