Is it possible to make a function like a pivot fuction in microsoft’s excel

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I am Andy who are working as developer at Itian Corporation, Korea.
Using ElasticSearch 0.90.5, we’ve lauched a IDAS(Itian Data Analytic System) named product which have user-friendly functions which are search, tracer and dashboard in the early of this year.
We’re trying to apply IDAS at a various of sites which want to analyze softswitch event log(GENBAND), zapping advertisement log, LTE Core Event log and so on.
On the way to do that, we’ve received a few of request from a customer. One of request is the function like the pivot in Microsoft's Excel.
we’re trying to make that function but it’s not easy to develop because of memory lack and long time for query.

So we have some questions for making pivot function

  1. Some cases need to do a query data more than 1G at one time. It takes long time.
    Is there a good way to do a fast query for making pivot function.?

  2. What do you think of making pivot function using elasticsearch?
    ( Now we’re using elasticsearch 0.90.5 )

  3. If we use the lastest version, How about?
    Can we make the pivot function more easier??

Indeed, we need your advice or help

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