Is it possible to reactivate trial after reverting back to basic?

Hi Team,

I'm testing some non-basic machine learning features and I've activated Trial version.

I realized though, I have limited time to explore this in the next days, so I though to revert to basic and activate trial version again at the weekend.

So my queries are:

  1. is it possible to switch back and forth with basic and trial licenses, or you can only do it once?

  2. if it is possible does it saves time, like for each day activated it gets discounts on the total active days available?

Thank you

As described in the trial status documentation

You are allowed to initiate a trial license only if your cluster has not already activated a trial license for the current major product version. For example, if you have already activated a trial for v6.0, you cannot start a new trial until v7.0. You can, however, contact to request an extended trial license.

Thank you Magnus.

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