Is it possible to retrieve progress status from Jira?

Hi guys, I want to know if it is possible to retrieve progress status (like In-Progress, Done) from Jira in case I have issue Id in my index. My use case is, I want to check how many issues are open by applying filters on index data.
In case it is possible, please tell me how. If it's not, please inform me.

Hi @Jaishree_Pal

Could you share a little more information about your setup. Are you already ingesting your data from Jira into Elasticsearch? If you are, can you check the index that it's going to and see if there is a progress field there that you could use?

Hi @corey.robertson

Actually the progress status changes in real time. For example, when the issue is created on Jira, the status is 'new', then after sometime it becomes 'In-Progress', then 'Done'. So, even if I ingest that data into index, then the data will become inaccurate if it doesn't change with time.
Plus, my use case is I'm looking for some test case failures in Kibana visualization and then I want to view the Jira issues created corresponding to those failures using the 'issue Id' which is present in my index. Also, I'm not ingesting all the Jira data in that index, only the ' Jira issue Id' is present with the other data. That's why I wanted to retrieve and check the status of those 'Jira issue IDs' if they are 'Done' or 'In-Progress'.
Please let me know if I'm not clear anywhere.

Got it, I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

There is nothing built in to Kibana that will be able to connect to Jira and determine the progress of an issue. You would need to set up something to ingest the progress from Jira into the index using Logstash or something, and then periodically update to collect the new status, so that the data you need is actually in your index.

Sorry if that's a bit confusing, but hope that helps.

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Thanks @corey.robertson. I will try this out.
But I still have one question to ask, how can I update the 'status' field every time it is changed? I'm already using one primary key to update the records every time a new record is there, how can I add the functionality for status also?
Can we add two keys in logstash for updating status? Like, if I can add timestamp as the key to update the jira status or if I can just use timestamp to update both new records plus jira status in those records.

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