Is it possible to see the response documents in Kibana 4.6?


In kibana visualizations is it possible to see the json content of the documents .
Means i have visualization like this

When i clicked on the graph on top of new i am getting like this

But what i want is i want to see the original JSON documents that are having field new. Basically what i meant is when i drilled down into the graph i want to see the JSON documents .

Is it possible?


The query for the visualizations do aggregations with the size parameter set to 0, so even if you look at the raw response from Elasticsearch for this query, you won't see the individual JSON documents. It's a bit complicated to copy that request and run it, so if you would like to know how that's done let me know.

You can see the individual JSON documents if you add a Saved Search to your dashboard, but that will show all the documents that match the filter of the dashboard, and they will not be aggregated. If you want to see some data aggregated similar to your X-Axis buckets, you could make a Data Table visualization. Here is what that kind of dashboard could look like:

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