Is it possible to send parameters to the saved Visualization

Hi All,

Is it possible to send parameters to visualization in the URL?

I have data like,

"auth": { "id": "345", "receivedDate" : "2015-08-28T15:25:24.5469886-05:00"}
"auth: : {"id": "346", "receivedDate" : "2015-08-26T11:04:22.3346429-05:00"}

Here I need to send two parameters to the Visualization and get all the auths received between those dates. How can I send these parameters?

hi @RajiReddy,

this seems almost like this identical question from earlier today: How can I pass the ranges from Visualization URL or Is there any way that I can pass dynamically

You can pass parameters in the URL but you will have to dig pretty deep into the parameter list. but it is possible. Note though that this is a hack, and this use-case isn't officially supported.

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