Is it possible to use TimeFilter on multiple date Fields?

So I have two date fields: createdTime and resolutionTime;

The problem in question is that I need one chart A to operate by createdTime and a chart B to operate in resolutionTime.

I had a guess that maybe I could achieve it by using the filter groups but so far it didn't worked well:

timefilterControl compact=true filterGroup="resolutionTime" column="createdTime"
| render

As it is right now only the createdTime charts react to the timefilter.

I'll be glad if anyone could help.

Best regards"

I belive another way to approach this (at least testing) would be by changing the field of refence on the specific chart.
Captura de Tela (1662)

By changing here I mean to have ticket.ended instead of ticket.created.

But I'm not sure if this is avaiable as well...

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