Is that possible to consolidating snapshot?

(Draven Johnson) #1

We have daily snapshot everyday for ONLY the day's data indices. We would like to merge/combine daily snapshot into a large monthly snapshot every month without delete and retake snapshot.

Is that possible to do it??


Will a new monthly (incremental) snapshot keep all indices even if we delete old daily snapshot?

5.x Snapshot compatibility question
(Mark Walkom) #2

No, you need to take a monthly one.


(Draven Johnson) #3

Thanks, as long as deletion of daily snapshot will not affect those monthly snapshot which suppose be incrementally and use some indice data from daily one. it is good. We can just do this as a clean up.

Thanks for the answer

(Draven Johnson) #4

Just want to double check this:
It's not possible to delete "daily snapshot" by using wildcard like 2016.09.* right?
(All snapshot name are based on the date and/or month when it took)

(Yannick Welsch) #5

No, that's not possible right now - might be a neat feature though. Would you like to contribute a PR?

(system) #6