Is the Confluence Cloud documentation correct?

I was following the documentation here

Everything goes as described until I click 'add' on the section

Click **Add** under the Confluence source.
First, you'll need to click **I understand** .
Why the hurdle? We want to make it clear that you're adding a *public source* .

(this is on the page with url http://localhost:3002/ent/org/sources/add#/ )
The response to this is a server error status 500. Following the logs within the terminal hosting enterprise search doesn't yield anything obvious except that there was an error with the get request which can be replicated with - the stacktrace was then followed through but it's hard to say without seeing the code. Happy to look into attaching logs if that would help:
curl localhost:3002/ent/org/sources/confluence_cloud/new -u enterprise_search

Important to note that I have tried the custom API and dropbox and these added fine.

Any help appreciated, even if just a confirmation that this works/doesn't work for someone else

Thanks in advance