Is there a planned EOL for Logstash/Elasticsearch 1.x tree?

Hi all.

As stated in the subject, I would like to know if Elastic is planning to support
Logstash and ES 1.x trees in the future (at least for bugfixes) or if the
development will be dropped at some point in favor of the new 2.x tree.

If the latter is the case then is there already a planned date where the
users should upgrade to the 2.x version?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

From various comments of the ES crew, I suspect there is no more development activity on 1.x. And even 2.x has been left behind in favor of 3.x

I would also like to know more about organization of future ES releases, if there will be (minor?) feature releases in 2.x, or everybody is focused on 3.x, and maybe backports to 1.x

EOL strategy is something I miss. When certain ES version lines would be EOLed officially, I can finally decommission 1.5.x in production.

Eagerly waiting for 2.2 and of course 3.0.0, which finally brings Java 8 (at source build level)!