Is there a way to include custom d3 charts in kibana 4?

(Priya G) #1

I having custom d3 charts. I would like that to use in kibana 4?
Is it possible in kibana4?

(Tanya Bragin) #2

You'd have to modify Kibana to do that. Check out this awesome talk by @spalger at Elastic{ON}'15 on how to contribute:

(Priya G) #3

Thank you

(Joris Renkens) #4

I've read that Kibana 4.2 will support plugins. Is this true and will it make adding custom d3 visualizations to Kibana easier?

(Tanya Bragin) #5

It is true, more information coming at the time of 4.2 GA.

(Ta ko) #6

Hi, I'm doing build/buy analysis for IT monitoring system and custom charts are must-have. So wondering if anyone trying to add custom d3 into Kibana yet?

Thank you!


(Brian Walsh) #7

4.2.0 was released on Oct 28. I've been looking, but I haven't seen any new informations on custom visualizations or plugins. Have I missed it?

Thanks for your support

(Juan Ignacio Carniglia) #8

I have created two new custom D3 visualizations ( Packed Circles and Sunburst). The code is available at github (sunburst) / (circles).

I wasn't all that hard once you have a template from where to start. I used the SANKEY visualization project as a baseline.

They both work on Kibana 4.4.1.

Let me know what you think of them, and if there are other visualizations you would like having.

(Tanya Bragin) #9

This is really cool!

(Juan Ignacio Carniglia) #10

I am adding a new Visualization. It is a heatmap, and basically shows a little square for each hour of each day in a grid arrangement. Each square is coloured according to the document count.

I'll be working more in this, so it's beta, but you can check it out at

(Juan Ignacio Carniglia) #11

Yet another vis.

This one is a BoxPlot.

Check it out at :


(Juan Ignacio Carniglia) #12

Another Visualization, it's an improved version of the simple metric vis.


Check the documentation at


(Meenal Luktuke) #13

@JuanCarniglia : These are really great !!

(Juan Ignacio Carniglia) #14

Glad you liked it!

(Sbeyn) #15

On another plugin Kibana for versions 4.2.2, 4.3.0, 4.4.0, 4.5.0 for multiple graphs with different types (Area, Areaspline, Line, Spline, Bar) and some options more ...

(Sbeyn) #16 with screenshot:

(Sbeyn) #17

I share with you a another plugin: Graphic Gauge (

(Sbeyn) #18

Below a Kibana plugin Traffic ( inspired this article

(Sasauz) #19

@sbeyn: Nice work!!! It's exactly what I'm looking for!!! I have only one problem with this plugin. If I place it in my dashboard, I cannot select/click an value on diagram in order to set a filter for all other diagrams in my dashboards. Others-rum it works (If I select a value in some standard Kibana-diagram, then kibana-plugin-line-sg update/confine the values in Line-Sg-diagram.) Do you know how it can be solved?

(Bob Lamar) #20

This is what I am trying to work and figure out as well. I have created my own custom plugin and would like to know how to add global filters to it. If I click on something it would select that and apply the filter to rest of the dashboard. Can some one please assist in this matter.

Thank you