Is there a way to install ealsticsearch in object storage env?

Hi elastic wizards!
I have a question. One of our costumers wants me to install an elastic cluster in his system, but the neccessary space is to big for regular file system storage on disks, so he wants to store elastic on s3 style storage = object storage.
My question is: Is there a way to install and work with elastic on a non file system storage? Is there an emulator for a file system that will connect elastic to the object storage?
Any hints?

No, that is not supported.

What about solution like s3fs?

I don't think S3FS will work either. Elasticsearch expects its filesystem to behave like a filesystem, supporting features like fast atomic renames, cheap random access, consistent directory listings, and hard links. S3 doesn't have these features, and although S3FS looks a bit like a filesystem I think it also doesn't accurately simulate these features either.

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