Issue after login with new user with new customized role


Issue Description:-

I have an issue whenever I create a new user with specific customized role using kibana UI or file based configuration and command line, after login by the new user, the only available application in the side bar is dashboard although this new user has access to for everything such as discover and visualization and other application such as dev tool as well.

Example for more illustration using kibana UI:-

I created new_user as shown below:-

this new_user is assigned to a customized role called "new_role" as shown below:-

and what it appears after login with this new user account:-

Only dashboard appears in the dock navigation although this new user has all access privileges, I found a workaround is to click on the profile of the new user from the top right and then the left side bar on dock navigation gets all the kibana application such as Analytics and Obersvability and Management and so on, but when it comes to refresh any page after being in discover page for example it always gives 404 and the one should repeat the same above steps again to access the same page which is something not reliable at all.


Is this a bug or something configured wrongly in ELK stack? and how to overcome this issue?

Background info:-

the issue always happens with me on ELK versions 7.10.x and 7.11.0 and 7.12.x and also when I tried to add the new customized role using file based management as described here Defining roles | Elasticsearch Guide [7.11] | Elastic and create the new user using elasticsearch-users command and assign the new role to this new user as described here elasticsearch-users command , the same issue occurs and this is something annoying for the users.


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