Issue with Kibana Discover page not showing results

I have an intermittent issue with the Discover page not showing any results even though when I do a search through the 'Dev' area I get a several hits on what I am trying to search for. I've tried the suggestions in the various forums to no avail and what I end up having to do is restart both the ElasticSearch and Kibana services to clear the problem.

Does anyone know what might be causing my issue and what I can do to resolve it because this is a production system and I can't keep having to do this whenever this problem occurs.

I'm on the version 5.3.3 framework.

Bill Youngman

On Discover, click on the icon under the chart:

Then, in the drop-down, select "Request", and copy the request body, and try sending that to Elasticsearch. Perhaps that can help you figure out why there are no results.

Tried your suggestion and the results that it returned matched what I was seeing on the Discover page which I think is to be expected; however, I may have stumbled onto another larger issue.

It seems that when this happens I will see an entry in the ElasticSearch log notifying that ElasticSearch failed to load started shards. Following the stack trace will take me to a java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException message: (e.g. D:\ELK\elasticsearch-5.2.2\data\nodes\0\indices\9CZWTDyMTFShsnRIDBdQfQ_state\

When I navigate to the directory location on the server I see instead a file

Restarting both the Logstash as well as the ElasticSearch services appears to synch everything back up and then I start seeing results in the Kibana Discover page. What could be causing this behavior?

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