Intermittent no results found on kibana discover search


I am using kibana version 4.6.1 with elasticsearch version 2.2.0 and pumping logs via logstash/rsyslog.d on the client side. All my logs seem to land up in ES and show via kibana but I am getting intermittent issues on kibana when I search for logs that show "No results found". However if I keep refreshing the browser with no changes to the time span the results show up. Could this be a possible bug with the versions I am using? If not, any recommendations on how to troubleshoot this type of an intermittent issue. The network looks healthy and these servers (kibana & ES) don't seem to have any communication issues.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I haven't heard this problem reported by anyone else on Kibana 4.6.1 so it seems unlikely to be a Kibana bug. How large is the time span you're looking at when you see this happen? And are your logs going in to daily indices? Do you get intermittent results if your time span is longer, or shorter?

Is there anything in the Kibana or Elasticsearch logs?

You can get the query that the Discover page is running by clicking an arrow under the histogram, and then clicking the "Request" button. You could paste that here.
And you could try running it in Sense if you have that plugin installed in Kibana, or in curl, repeatedly to see if you have the same result there. If you got intermittent results from Sense or curl, then it seems like the problem would be on your Elasticsearch end.