Jaspersoft and kibana comparison


I came accross jaspersoft which is also a business intelligence software. I know we can also integrate elastic with jaspersoft .I have some question regarding
how jaspersoft is different from kibana ?
how are the value added things present in kibana not in jaspersoft or
vice versa
When should i go for kibana and what scenario
jaspersoft would be a good option ?

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I would say the biggest difference is that Jaspersoft can connect to multiple sources of data while Kibana is, as far as I know, limited to Elasticsearch, so it really depends on your use case.

I also know Jaspersoft is better to build printable reports while for Kibana that's not really a big concern of theirs. Jaspersoft is not good at all for quick changing data, Kibana is.

Jaspersoft is also quite clunky, the experience of building dashboards in kibana is a bit more straightforward and modern.

Finally, the connector for jaspersoft while ok doesn't let you leverage the capabilities of ES completely. For that I suggest to keep an eye on Dremio until it comes out, it's going to be a game changer for that use case.