Jenkins Integration with Logstash

Hi -

I'd like to get the Jenkins pipeline Job build status along with the Timestamps and publish that data to the Elastic Search.
Could you please let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks !

Look into the MQ Notifier plugin for Jenkins. It can publish various Jenkins events to RabbitMQ, and Logstash can siphon those events from RabbitMQ and pass on to ES.

Sure., @magnusbaeck
Could you please help me in installing the plugin on a Windows machine with out having a Internet connectivity.

logstash-plugin install logstash-input-rabbitmq - Gives me connection refused, I believe because of firewalls.
Am using Logstash-5.1.1. Thanks !

The Logstash plugin documentation explains how to configure proxies or create plugin packages for offline installations.

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