JIRA metrics

Hi, any idea what and all info I will get as a part of metrics for JIRA if I add JIRA connector ? like how many JIRAs, what are all the status , number of JIRAs owned by a person, project-wise JIRAs, something like that.. health check..etc

Hi @hegdeshashi

In case you are talking about the kibana connector, it sends information to Jira and does not consume metric information from Jira. In the documentation below, you can get more information on how the connector works:

Jira connector and action | Kibana Guide [8.8] | Elastic

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Hi @grfneto , just I am trying to explore DORA metrics point of view that in context of JIRA here.. any info you have ? how it calculates internally to get the data as DORA point of view ?

Hi @hegdeshashi

OK I understand. I didn't find anything specific to DORA metrics, but there is an integration that gets information from jira that might help you. Follow the link:

Atlassian Jira | Elastic docs

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