Jira Server Connector


in the documentation for Workplace Search the newest supported Jira Server version is 8.6.1, which was released in January 2020. The most recent version is 8.19.1, is there an update to the connector planned? We like to test it, but we are using Jira 8.17.0.

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Hey Norbert!

The listed versions that we support are simply the versions we've performed full validation against. We don't know of any reason the Jira Server connector would have issues with newer versions of Jira Server 8.x. Let us know how it goes!


Hi Ross,

we've got it to work, but it needed some updates in software.

We started with Jira 8.17.0 and Elastic Stack 7.14.2, this failed in creating the connection. As there were some planned upgrades for Jira and the Elastic Stack, we've waited for those upgrades, before we gave it a second try. Now we are on Jira 8.19.1 and Elastic Stack 7.15.1, and it immediately worked.

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