What's coming in Elastic Workplace Search 8.2?

I've heard some rumors and I want to know, whats coming in 8.2?

Are AppSearch and Workplace Search being merged in any way?

Are any new connectors coming? If so, which?

Hi @catmanjan lots of great things are coming in 8.2. We've got new connectors such as the GA of SharePoint server as a connector, and an upcoming Network Drives connector in beta. We also are working on providing an extensible framework to allow customers like yourself modify the functionality of connectors such as SharePoint Online. There are also some fantastic items that bridge the gap for Enterprise Search with deeper interoperability. Would you like to chat more directly about what you're interested in? Any feedback or connectors that you were hoping to see?

Thanks Serena, can you tell me what sort of functionality we will be able to modify in existing connectors?

We are moving to an open code model, with a few options. One of them was introduced in 8.1 you can see the beta of the SharePoint server connector, where the code is fully customizable for indexing, syncing, you name it. SharePoint Server connector package I will open up a thread topic for the other type of customizable connector type that will have an underlying connector framework that will be in technical preview. what type of functionality are you looking to modify?

@catmanjan an additional one for Network Drives can be found here: Network Drive connector package - #2

Thanks for all this Serena, the connector documentation can be a bit confusing but I can see its moving towards a standard platform.

One last question - is there an existing Exchange Online (AKA MS365 Exchange in the cloud SaaS) connector, or one in the works?