Kibana 4.3.x plugins

Hi ,

Can you please provide sample source code of plugins for Kibana 4.3.x?

I tried Timelion, Elasticsearch_status but they are all developed for Kibana 5 and throowing incompatibility error when I install for Kibana 4

Timelion works in 4.x. I believe it works all the way back to 4.2, in fact. However, if you are trying to install it using the latest version, that's probably going to cause issues, since that has version parity with Kibana master, which is 5.0. I'm fairly certain that the plugin installer in Kibana will take care of that for you. If you are looking at the repo for code examples, you'll want to check out the 4.x branch.

We also have a plugin generator to help you get started. I forget which versions of the generator match up with which versions of Kibana (and sadly, we didn't keep track of it well). The 0.2.1 version may or may not work in Kibana 4.3, but it will at least get you close.

Your best source for example code is probably the Kibana repo itself. Almost all of the internals are written as plugins, just check out the src/plugins path in the repo to see how they work.

Unfortunately we still don't have a lot of the plugin system documented yet, but if you want to share some of the specifics about what you are trying to build, perhaps we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Hi Joe,
Thank you so much for the response

I checked source code of Timelion 4.x, it uses uiroute.enable() function which is not defined in Kibana 4.x

I also tried plugin generator. It throws error about export type hack. I need to work on that

I also checked the source code of kibana plugins link you provided, and tried to modify my code accordingly. But I am facing issue again with compatibility that kibanaIndex autoload
Uncaught Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: kbnIndexProvider <- kbnIndex <- config

The type of application plugin I am trying to create is
On clicking the plugin icon, a form should appear with 4 fields and a button. On clicking the button, the form values should be saved to database. Can you please point in right direction for this requirement?


Sorry for the late reply, must have missed the email notification.

You might need to look further back in the timelion commit history. The latest 4.x branch is probably targeting the latest 4.x branch in Kibana, which might contain apis that aren't yet released. Maybe take a look at the source of the latest version that runs against Kibana 4.5.x. You can download the actual package and look at the source there, though to be honest, I'm not sure how to download a specific version. The repo isn't tagged, which is unfortunate...

Hacks don't currently exist in 4.x, but we have backported them for the next version (most likely 4.6). A hack would be a great way to do that though. We're also bringing navbar injection into 4.6 as well, which would likely allow you to do what you want as well.

That doesn't really help you right now. You may need to wait until 4.6 is released to be able to do what you want as a plugin. :weary: