Kibana 4 upgrade?

We have our application running with Kibana 3. Since the earlier version of Kibana available with Tomcat bundle we shipped the required files along with our product.

But the latest version of Kibana 4 is not in the case. It is developed based on Node.js. So we are in a position to bundle the required libraries as simple as earlier. Is there any plan to provide Tomcat bundle for Kibana 4 and also is there any migration guide available from Kibana 3 to Kibana 4?

There are no plans in the short term to create a Tomcat bundle for Kibana, though the official Kibana downloads include the necessary node.js binary, so you only need to deal with installing node manually if you are installing Kibana from source.

At this point, there is no real migration path from Kibana 3 to the latest stable version - you'll need to set up your visualizations/dashboards from scratch.

I don't think we ever offered a tomcat bundle?

May be I used wrong naming convention as tomcat bundle. What I meant was a kind of war file which can be shipped with our Java EE application as it is. I hope this will clarify your question

Yeah, but we still never offered that!