Kibana 5.0 Tribe Node is not working in ES 5.0

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I'm working in cloud environment with multiples applications.

We're using 1 ES version 5.0 cluster for each application and Tribe nodes for dispatch queries in multiple ES Cluster.

I read is not compatible in v5.0

Do you know if you are going to work in this way? Will kibana5.0 works wirh tribe node? Do you know in which version will be supported and when are this delivered?


Kibana 5.0 doesn't suuport ES 5.0 Tribe
(Clinton Gormley) #2

Hi @mcortinas

Yeah, tribe and kibana has never been officially supported, although it worked with a hack in ES 2.x. We are actively working on the changes required to make tribe and kibana to work properly together and hope to release these changes soon (I can't say exactly when though). Hang in there :slight_smile:

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What a piti! I would like use 50....
Could you explain me more about this hack in ES 2.x?

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One question more @Clinton_Gormley, what do you think about use kibana5 with ES tribe + ES cluster in 2.x ??

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