Kibana 5 - Line Chart - Shows big drop off at end of chart

(Jeff) #1

Since data for any of the quick times (last hour, last 4 hours, last 24 hours/etc) go right up to "now", there is always a drop off in the lines because data is still coming in for "now", highlighting the last node in visualize shows this message "part of this bucket may contain partial data. The selected time range does not cover fully cover it"

Is there a way to make it stop at the last full set of data it has for the "previous X" time sets so it no longer shows the large drop off at the end. It makes it looks like traffic has dropped off significantly when in most cases, it hasn't.

(Peter Pisljar) #2

This makes perfect sense, however I dont't think this is possible with current version of Kibana.
However I created issue on github to track this.

(Jeff) #3

Thanks, wasn't sure if it needed an issue since i wasn't sure if i was just missing something :slight_smile:

Thanks, I'll follow the issue on github.

(system) #4

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