Bug Found in Kibana 5.0.2

Hi Team,
In Kibana 5.0.2 , while representing line graph,kibana is dividing the value which it has got from elasticsearch by 10.

For example:

You can see in the image that the value from elastic search are in thousands but in kibana it is representing in hundreds.Please check.

does this happen with every data or is it something more specific ?

generally the right place to submit bugs/issues is https://github.com/elastic/kibana

Hi Peter,
I observed this behaviour when I set the interval to 1 minute.If I set
the interval to "auto" it is working fine.Is this the expected behaviour?
Rajesh B N

Hmm .... no that should not be the case i think ....

i am trying to reproduce but no luck so far.

on your x-axis, when you set interval to minute, do you get exclamation mark next to the selection saying you will get too many buckets ?

you are looking at last 30 days of your data ..... per minute interval just wont be possible (it would generate 55000 buckets .... too much to actually plot)

what if you select daily interval ? what if you change your metrics to count for example ?

looking at your screenshot, I don't see it divided by 10 ? for example on jan 5th at 12:00 you have SMS Success Count at 20,271 .... and in the chart it seems to be less than 100 .... ?

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