Kibana 6.0 Default index

I have upgraded Kibana from 5.6 to 6.0. When I go to Kibana, it says I need to create a default Index. Error as below:
Error: Please specify a default index pattern

I added a new Index, with going to Management -> Index Patterns adding a new index and making it as default.
Going back to the Dashboard page, I keep still getting the same error.
My index does have data in it.

Any idea, why i cannot create Index and make it a default one?

I managed to solve. I think I had a problem with my .kibana index, so I re-created it. Now I can add indexes in Kibana and select one of them to be a default.

Hi Moriol,

I'm assuming you upgraded Elasticsearch to 6.0 also. It must be upgraded BEFORE Kibana is upgraded. Kibana 6.0 should not connect to Elasticsearch 5.6.

In Kibana 5.6 and earlier each saved object type in Kibana was a different doc _type (index-pattern, visualization, etc). But we're no longer using multiple doc types in Kibana 6.0. Part of the upgrade process from 5.6 to 6.0 is to reindex and upgrade the .kibana index.

If you're OK with losing whatever was in your 5.6 .kibana index and starting over creating all your saved objects that's fine.

But if you'd like to restore a 5.6 snapshot and go through the upgrade process again I can guide you to the correct docs and steps.

Here's the main page;
And specifically you might need this;


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