Kibana 6.1 won't create .kibana index in ES 6.1


I have installed ES 6.1 with Kibana 6.1 , but kibana won't create .kibana index in ES. I can't identify problem because can't find any related errors in logs.

When i try manually create .kibana index in ES , kibana give me error Your Kibana index is out of date, reset it or use the X-Pack upgrade assistant.. Also i can use kibana's dev tools for create/delete indexes in ES.

In Kibana 6.1, the .kibana index is only created when necessary. Are you getting an error when trying to access Kibana?

If you want Kibana to create the .kibana index, try using the /api/kibana/settings/{key} api to set an advanced config setting. That attempts to write to the .kibana index and uses the new kibana index template to create it automatically.

If you are trying to tell when Kibana is ready for use, you should be able to rely on the Server running log message, or the existence of the kibana_index_template:.kibana index template

$ curl -I http://localhost:9200/_template/kibana_index_template:.kibana
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
content-type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
content-length: 2353

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