Kibana 6.3-Region Map could not retieve manifest

When trying to create a 'Region Map' visualization I receive the following and no map is displayed:
Region map: Could not retrieve manifest from the tile service: status -1

Searching blogs a call out to elastic maps service should occur? However, when running a packet capture I never see an attempt. I utilize a proxy so am trying to determine the URL so I can create a rule.

Do I need to configure this setting somewhere, if so where as I cannot get regional map visualization to work. If not where might I look to determine the issue as logs do not show anything related to elastic map service.

The maps use an Elastic hosted WMS server, so if you don't have a connection to the internet you won't be able to see the maps. You could potentially run your own WMS server and use this with the Regionmap, or create a firewall exception for the Elastic hosted WMS server.Also check this out: Using an offline map in kibana

There recommend way is to setup your own server, see 5 for a tutorial.

@rashmi thanks for the quick response. I do have access to the Internet via a proxy. The issue is I never see a call to the Elastic hosted WMS server in order to open up a firewall rule and allow access for the mapping. Should I not see a request coming from the server to the WMS hosted server?

The browser of the kibana-users needs to be able to reach out to the internet. if you open the chrome-debugger, you should see a call to "" in the network tab. if the call fails, you should see an error in the network log.

Also found a similar discuss post here: see if it helps you: Default map service error, cant create custom region map either


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Thanks! I was looking for it on the server. I am all set now and appreciate the help!

++ glad it helped. Good luck!

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