Kibana 6.4 shutdown abnormally


I have update my Kibana to 6.4, and run with X-pack is open. after running one week, kibana shutdown abnormally.

and the error logs is as follow:

/home/11thone/elk/kibana/node_modules/x-pack/plugins/monitoring/server/kibana_monitoring/collectors/get_ops_stats_collector.js:48'Re-initializing Kibana Monitoring due to SIGHUP');

TypeError: Cannot read property 'log' of undefined
at process.on (/home/11thone/elk/kibana/node_modules/x-pack/plugins/monitoring/server/kibana_monitoring/collectors/get_ops_stats_collector.js:38:10)
at emitNone (events.js:111:20)
at process.emit (events.js:208:7)
at Signal.wrap.onsignal (internal/process.js:208:44)

could you give some commnets?

Liao Chunbo

Hi @Chunbo_Liao,

As I replied here already, this issue has been fixed in #22464 and will be available in Kibana 6.4.1 very soon.



Is there a work around for this issue before upgrade to 6.4.1?

Liao Chunbo

Unfortunately no, unless you disable Monitoring plugin that causes that. But you should never observe this issue if you don't specifically SIGHUP signal to the Kibana process (e.g. kill -1 kibana_pid).

Also Kibana 6.4.1 has been released yesterday and upgrade should be fast and easy.


Yes, I have upgrade the kibana. thank you for your greate support.

Liao Chunbo

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