Kibana 7.10 plugin development: Is bundling the new kibana plugin mandatory?


I am trying to use the custom kibana plugin which was working fine for 7.8 and 7.0 for 7.10, but it just does not work, so wanted know is it mandatory to bundle the plugin? and migrating to new-platform plugin is very cumbersome,
yarn kbm bootstrap fails as gcc s not uptodate..nvm install fails as 403 registrynpmjsblockpage facing many issues while trying to generate new plugin.
Is there a way we can migrate old plugin without building or bundling it.
just like before where we used to put the plugin in kibana/plugins folder?


yes, Kibana distributable is not shipped with @kbn/optimizer anymore. You need to pre-build your plugin for use in production. according to

yarn kbm bootstrap fails as gcc s not uptodate

I'm afraid you have to update all of Kibana's dependencies one way or another in order to run it locally.

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