Migration of kibana plugin

We have a kibana plugin generated in version 7.0.1 we want to migrate it to 7.10.2 version . We have some doubts:-

  1. Will it possible to directly migrate that plugin to version 7.10.2 or we need to take intermediate step ?
  2. As there are lot of changes in the plugin folder structure and the files available in older version are in .js format now the files are in .ts format so we need to modify our files to .ts format or older files directly can be supported as is ?
  3. Previously node_modules folder created under plugin folder but now it is not created so if we want to add dependencies for the plugin so how it can be handle under node modules.

There is not much information available for older version migration so could you please help us in above queries ?


Hi there,

  1. I don't think you need to take any intermediate step to migrate your plugin. That being said, it still can be a lot of work to adapt it to new architecture.
  2. Migrating legacy plugins to the Kibana Platform | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic
  3. To add a dependency go to your plugin and run yarn add package_name , after that run yarn kbn bootstrap to allow Kibana to link own dependencies.

Good luck!

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