Kibana 7.14 - fresh installation fails [Starting saved objects migrations - action failed]

Hi everyone,

note that this is a fresh install, not an upgrade, also elasticsearch is running

i am attempting to run Kibana on my local win10 machine, however, am faced with the following message :

log   [18:58:43.305] [info][savedobjects-service] Starting saved objects migrations
  log   [18:58:43.609] [info][savedobjects-service] [.kibana] INIT -> CREATE_NEW_TARGET. took: 85ms.
  log   [18:58:43.626] [info][savedobjects-service] [.kibana_task_manager] INIT -> CREATE_NEW_TARGET. took: 99ms.
  log   [18:59:13.624] [error][savedobjects-service] [.kibana] Action failed with 'Request timed out'. Retrying attempt 1 in 2 seconds.

would appreciate any help

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you check your Elasticsearch logs and post them please?

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