Kibana 7.17.1 -- can't find index pattern uuids?

On several occasions with older release I have exported saved objects fiddled with the pattern uuid and then imported them back.

I am now doing a major migration of dashboards where I need to change the index patterns,

firstly I note that the older visualisations and dashboards have different representations to more recent ones which don't have long random ids in the reference sections.

secondly when I export the index pattern that I recently created and wish to change the dashboards to use it doesn't have uuid either

  "attributes": {
    "fieldAttrs": "{\"event_source\":{\"count\":13},\"event_class\":{\"count\":4},\"assoc_ip\":{\"count\":3},\"src_ip\":{\"count\":1},\"detail\":{\"count\":3},\"event_type\":{\"count\":2},\"service\":{\"count\":1},\"status\":{\"count\":5},\"user_name\":{\"count\":124},\"user\":{\"count\":2},\"data\":{\"count\":1}}",
    "fields": "[]",
    "runtimeFieldMap": "{}",
    "timeFieldName": "@timestamp",
    "title": "sec-events*",
    "typeMeta": "{}"
  "coreMigrationVersion": "7.17.2",
  "id": "security events",
  "migrationVersion": {
    "index-pattern": "7.11.0"
  "references": [],
  "sort": [
  "type": "index-pattern",
  "updated_at": "2022-07-21T09:31:31.789Z",
  "version": "WzExMzAzNywxMV0="
  "excludedObjects": [],
  "excludedObjectsCount": 0,
  "exportedCount": 1,
  "missingRefCount": 0,
  "missingReferences": []

Lastly, at some point in my researching this issue I found reference to using the Kibana api to get full details of index patterns. I regularly use the ES api but have never used the kibana one. I can't figure out which user I should authenticate as. Should I set up a user for this and if so what roles should I give it.

I figured out which account to use to get into kibana api (elastic works).

when I try to use the GET <kibana host>:<port>/api/index_patterns/index_pattern/<id> to retrieve an object I always get "not found". I could not find a method of retrieving all index patterns (giving an <id> of '*' also retuned not found.

what is the api expecting as an <id>?

The patterns are all defined in the default space.

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