Kibana 7.5.2 / Ubantu 18.04 - tag not showing up under buckets. Is tags cloud needed


I have a Java spring boot 2 application and micrometer is configured to log application metrics into elastic stack. Metrics and associated data from the application is getting logged in elastic stack however when trying to create visualization for CPU usage by the application not able to select tag (host) under Buckets.

Without having tag in buckets, not able to create a visualization to show how much CPU is utilized by the application.

Tag (host) can be seen in documents indexed by elastic search and same index is used for creating visualization.

Ubuntu 18.04 / 64bit
Kibana 7.5.2

  1. Any idea or pointer why I do not see tag in Buckets
  2. If need to create a simple visualization for CPU utilization by an application, how could I do it

Please advice what I could be missing.


To use a field in a bucket aggregation it has to be of type "keyword" - your field is probably mapped as "text". If you are using the default mappings, there should be a host.keyword field which contains the keyword indexed version of the host field. If not you have to adjust your mapping to include a keyword indexed version of host and re-index your existing data. Reference:

Thank you Joe for the explanation. Earlier the host.keyword field did not appear in mapping however it is fixed now.

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