Kibana 7.5.2 Uptime/Heartbeat alerting option not available

I'm reading through the documentation of Uptime 7.x and its says that there's supposed to be an Alerting option but it isn't available. I have superuser privileges so that shouldn't be the problem. Is this just an issue with the docs? If so what version is this actually available in. Were using ECE 2.4.3 with Kibana 7.5.2 in this specific deployment.

Looks like the answer is 7.7:

  • Alerting everywhere : In Kibana 7.7 users can now create alerts from within the SIEM, APM, Metrics, and Uptime applications. This integrated experience gives you the power to address your alerting needs in the context of your unique use case.

I clicked on the 7.x docs and not on 7.5 at some point. User error.

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