No Uptime app on kibana


I have kibana version 6.7.2 and I don't see uptime app to visualize heartbeat events. I can see the events in my discover section of kibana.

Does uptime app a paid version of Kibana?

Please guide. Thank you.

Vaishnavi A

Which version did you download?

It's free to use with the basic license.


I got kibana when I installed Security onion monitoring solution ( iso-

It's not our official distribution. It's probably based on the OSS version which doesn't have this free feature.

Can I install it now? or Should I create my own dashboard for viewing heartbeat alerts?

Thank you for your reply.

No you can't install it. You need to download a proper version of elasticsearch if you need this (and all the other nice features we have).

You can create your own dashboard for sure.