Kibana access from outside

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So this might be a weird one.

We are running kibana through nginx pretty straightforward setup. This works perfectly from inside our work network. I setup external access. Standard external DNS to firewall to internal VM.

Access wise everything seems reachable. when we access the url

we enter in our nginx username/password we get a red bar at the top asking us to upgrade elasticsearch which is odd. we access the page through a different url inside our office which works.


in our kibana config.js the elasticsearch setting is set to the domain name that we use internally.

could the domain name mismatch cause this error. we are using elasticsearch version 1.1.1
and kibana version 3.x.

(Thomas Neirynck) #2

hi @rrecchia,

Kibana 3 is no longer supported, so it might be difficult to find help on this issue. So any possibility on upgrading the Kibana/Elasticsearch stack ;)?

It seems you are doing basic authentication in nginx, and then just passing on the requests to Kibana?

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