Kibana after logging with user name and password in going back to login screen

Kibana after logging with user name and password in going back to login screen itself

  • After inspecting in console there are no errors
  • Deployed in Azure Kubernetes environment

anything suspicious in the kibana logs ? also check in the browser console logs? Can you confirm what browser , kibana version, and browser version you are using ?
Try opening Kibana in an incognito window and see if it works ? Clear all the browser cookies as well before login.


Thanks Rashmi,

I used

Kibana 7.10.1
Browser - Chrome latest, Edge latest
Tired in incognito window also
Cleared all browser cookies as well

If I am entering wrong password its says incorrect password
But if i enter correct password it comes to the logging screen itself.

We have used CSP headers will that be an issue?

The solution for this would be to set sameSiteCookies: None in kibana.yml and you'll need to use https, otherwise Chrome won't respect the setting. The only caveat is that this will work with Kibana 7.8.1 and above. I verified on 7.9 and works fine.
Also can u check in Firefox?

Hi Rashmi,


We are using Kibana in kubernetes , below is the yaml file could you pls check and help here..


kind: Kibana
name: test-kibana
namespace: staging
disabled: true
version: 7.10.1
count: 1
config:"aaaalasdkaskdjalskdjfaksjdajdhaskjdhajdskjhsadkjh" None

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