Kibana all of a sudden requesting a larger result_window?


I have a cluster with multiple elasticsearch nodes and a kibana server

I have not made any modifications to kibana recently, nor the indexing settings but all of a sudden one day I get "X of Y shards failed" and when I look into it the reason is that the "max_result_window" is 10'000, not 50'000

Why is kibana all of a sudden requesting 5 times as large result window ?

As far as I know, Kibana does not change that setting directly and it will honor the actual value set up on the index (the default is 10k, yes)

For example, on this discussion the Maps application is needing read access to that setting.

Anyways, that setting is associated with each index and can be changed anytime as documented here. Maybe you need to take a look at your indices in case this setting has changed on any of them?

If anyone enters this thread with the same issue as me .....

In my case it seems that sometime in the past I have edited the "advanced kibana setting" of "Discover:sampleSize" and restoring that to a lower value fixed this

Same as here

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