Kibana - APM UI - JVMs - Listing (Empty) JVM


Elasticsearch - v7.10.1
Kibana - V7.10.1
APM Server - V7.10.1
APM Java agent - V1.20.0

Recently upgraded to Elastic stack to 7.10.1.

In Kibana APM JVM UI, apart from the actual JVM there is an (Empty) JVM is showing up, as shown below.

All the CPU/Memory metrics are showing up the actual JVM, but trying to understand why the (Empty) JVM is showing up.

In discover, I tried to find the data with is blank, getting the following results

Wondering whether we can ignore the (Empty) or not.

Any inputs will be appreciated.


This problem may have to do with your upgrade. According to the issue below when the field is not part of the mapping index this seems to happen. New indices created with the right template should have this field but not older ones.

Hi @chandra2037 - this is a bug in 7.10 that was fixed in 7.11: [APM] Filter out service nodes if there are no metrics · Issue #85539 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. To answer your question, yes, you can ignore the (Empty) list item if there are no corresponding metrics.

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Thank you for your response @riferrei , all the templates and indices have been updated properly. Actual JVM metrics data is getting reported to the named JVM only, it is just that additional (Empty) JVM is showing up.

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Thank you @dgieselaar , that make sense. Will upgrade to 7.11 for the fix.

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