Kibana Area Chart -Split chart twice i.e per release, per brand on X axis

Hello All,

I've a requirement and mostly I'm aware this won't be possible , but for second opinion need feedback if this can be done in some way.

I am using normal area chart and problem is can SPLIT THE CHART TWICE , that is first split based on usecase name(This is achieved) and now with in same graph split on the bases of BRAND NAME(ex DELL,LENOVO,ACER etc)...need to be done.

The idea is customer need to see in single visual per Release for each Brand what is max Duration taken and also various steps followed. This way comparison is easy. (Making seperate graph for each brand dosen't give good feel and adds complexity to analyze and compare)
If you see my visual down, somehow I need at end SPLIT ON BASIS OF BRAND NAME.

Any alternate way to achive same if not in AREA CHART. Though this chart is most helpful for parallel comparison.


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